I know people who cut themselves. I know people who have children and used to cut themselves, they tell me this “those scars stay there forever. the most heart crushing thing happens when your child asks you why those are there, and later when they are old enough to know, it kills you when you see them on them too.”

dont cut guys.. please


Image of the Week: How to Wash Eyes in Space

We all know what to do if something harmful splashes into our eyes: wash with lots of water. As with many things in space, however, a simple operation on Earth can become quite complicated when floating around in weightlessness.

Imagine you are an astronaut on the International Space Station and a fleck of dust gets in your eye or you accidently splash chili sauce or something even worse in there. Where do you get the water from and how do you rinse your eyes? There are no flowing-water taps and even if there were cupping water in your hands is impossible in zero-gravity.

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